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Friday, May 4, 2012

Bakery Crawl

     So, the days are racing by - I will start my last real week at KC on Monday - it seems hard to believe.  One of the nice benefits of announcing my decision to leave several months in advance is that I have had plenty of time to spend with many of my friends and colleages to say a proper "good-bye".  While I've thoroughly enjoyed the coffees, lunches and cocktails I've been sharing, I might need to slow it down this last week or I will need to start wearing my "stretchy pants" to work every day!
     While each of these connections has been great in its own way, I must tell you about one that struck a special chord with this aspiring baker/pastry-chef - this week my friend Stephanie organized a "bakery crawl" for the two of us and several of her team members.  Seriously - how fun is that?  We headed to downtown Roswell for lunch and dessert(s - make that plural).  We started out at a place called Party Chic - a quaint lunch place that features KellyKakes. 

We politely but quickly ate our sandwiches and salads, saving space for the real star of the meal - Jumbo Cupcakes.  The cupcakes were amazing - big, fresh, tender and tasty, topped with creamy swirls of vanilla/cream cheese frosting composed of just the right ratios of these two ingredients.  We did have the decency to split two cupcakes (strawberry and chocolate) between the four of us, since we knew this was just the first stop on our bakery crawl.

Chocolate and Strawberry Cupcakes at Party Chic - stop #1 on The Bakery Crawl

   Even though we were feeling pretty full, we "crawled" down Canton Street for yet another dessert - heading to a great place called Pie Hole.   This homey establishment is a prime example of  doing one thing and doing it really well - it's all about Pie, and only Pie.  Pie Hole had about 10 different pies available by the slice (of course, you could also take a whole pie home if you so desired).  It's a simple, rustic establishment that revolves around a case of pies that are freshly made and oh-so-tasty, often featuring seasonal ingredients.  It has an interesting business model - does all of its' advertising on Facebook - so, log in and check out the pies-of-the-day, then crawl on over for a slice or two. 

     I selected coconut while my friends chose key lime and chocolate derby - we were all blissfully satisfied and incredibly full!  I like to think of myself as somewhat of a pie afficionado - and I am totally smitten with Pie Hole - great flaky crust, lots of variety of flavors, fresh and homemade - what more could you want?

Pie Hole - stop #2 on the Bakery Crawl (oops - got so excited I dug into my coconut pie before I remembered to take the pic)

An amazingly homey apple pie - God Bless America and God Bless the Pie Hole

This breathtaking apple pie contains 3 pounds of apples - now that's a pie!
     So - I highly recommend a Bakery Crawl - grab a few friends, pull on your stretchy pants and head to a few different places for dessert - it's great fun.  Thanks Steph, Dave and Marianne for a fun lunch - I will miss you guys!

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