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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Local Boy Does Good

Well - actually it's three local boys who've done good - and I mean REALLY GOOD!

I have a favorite new restaurant that I can't wait to share with you all - Local Three Kitchen & Bar.  I've been there twice in the past month and it gets TWO BIG thumbs up!  It's a great place that combines a casual, fun atmosphere with artfully prepared fresh, local and sustainable food.  I've attached the link - spend a little time on their website and you will be intrigued...who can resist a place that describes its style as "Foie Gras in Flip Flops" and touts their daily operating philosophy as :  People Matter Most. Local Is Priority. Seasonal Makes Sense. Authenticity Rules. Quality Governs. Delicious Trumps. Pretense Loses. Comfort Feels Good. Appreciation Tastes Better. Prudence Sustains It All.  I admit it - I'm totally smitten!

I've enjoyed some pretty yummy food there on my two visits - Cheddar, Bacon and Thyme popcorn as a snack for the table, Spring Pea Carbonara as a starter, Wood Oven Roasted Hanger Steak, Panko Crusted Atlantic Flounder.  It's kind of addicting - even though I'm over-the-moon satisfied with the food in front of me while I'm there, I'm already planning what I'll have the next time I come (Lobster Pot Pie anyone?).

Rosie enjoying a birthday treat
We had dinner there tonight to celebrate my dear friend Rosie's birthday (with a belated shout out to Neighbor Greg's birthday as well). I've captured Rosie enjoying her birthday dessert - a tasty apple pie accompanied by a cheddar crisp and rosemary ice cream.

You'll also note that this place bosts quite a pig collection - makes perfect sense, right - after all, who can resist those adorable squealers (clearly Rosie can't!!).  

If you are in the ATL - run, don't walk, to Local Three - I promise you'll have a great meal and a great time. If you are an out-of-towner - make sure you hit Local Three on your next trip to town -- call me, I'll be glad to go with you!

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  1. Hi Crystal - My name is Margeaux Fincher. I'm a ninteen-year-old student and I work for Karen Brinson at Dewey's Cafe. I'm interested in pursuing a career in pastry, so Karen told me about you and your blog. I'm enjoying reading it very much! I look forward to following your further culinary adventures. It's encouraging to see someone pursuing their dreams :)