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Friday, January 11, 2013

Settling In

The first few days of this week were spent getting settled into life at Yssingeaux and Ecole Nationale Superieure de
la Patisserie (hereafter known as ENSP). Sunday was a day of rest and recovery...getting unpacked and getting to know everyone a little bit better.
Our class is quite interesting...there are 13 people from 11 different countries...US, Australia, Ukraine, Denmark, Isreal, Korea, Canada, Greece, Chile, Brazil and Mexico. Most everyone speaks English and some speak French...all friendly, interesting and a great group...which is good, because we are going to be spending alot of time together over the next 8 weeks! There are several other classes going on here at the school...including a group of 23 Johnson & Wales Pastry students here for a 2 month study abroad program.

On Sunday some of us walked into town to check it out and do a little grocery shopping...during the week we get lunch every day here at school, but are responsible for our own food other than that. We have a kitchen set aside for our use.

The small town of Yssingeaux....

The chateau is quite lovely...even when surrounded by fog...

We were welcomed to the neighborhood by a very large but very friendly French canine...

Eating our simple French supper of bread, cheese and wine the first night (classmates from Canada, Denmark, Brazil and Australia)

Monday was orientation...we spent the day getting our schedules, getting fitted for our ENSP chef coats, taking a French test (to get placed in the proper class) and hearing from our chef instructors. All the chefs seems quite nice and quite professional.

We also had our first lunch at the chateau..everyone eats together in the large dining welcome us on our first day we had some lovely desserts prepared by one of our chef instructors...

It was a god start to the week...very excited (and a little nervous) for the cooking to start on Tuesday.

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